Wednesday, August 27, 2008

School starts again....

I know I can't believe it either. I'm finally starting up again and I refuse to stop until I have my Masters! I had to get my transcript from Weber and I couldn't believe that I haven't taken a class in two years. It makes me so angry that I stopped in the first place because I could be done by now! Its going to be really hard pulling myself away from Brock and Michelle to study but Michelle is as driven as I am so I'm sure she will be a huge help.
I'm so excited that I'm finally - officially - a Ute! I have been wanting to get going at the U since my first year at Weber. It feels good to finally be at the school I want to be at and also be taking classes that I will actually enjoy. I'm so tired of taking classes in Psychology, and Philosophy!
Anyways, sorry this is kind of a random blog but I realized how long its been since we have blogged and it made me feel guilty. We'll try and be better.

Monday, July 28, 2008


Yes, sadly but very true we moved from our beautiful home in Kaysville back to our first house in Syracuse on Saturday. This is a blog that we never wanted to have to write but over the past few months it became very clear that we were going to have to make the move. Don't get me wrong we love our home in Syracuse - it was the very first place that we could call home and we have a lot wonderful memories there but we were looking forward to making a lot more memories in Kaysville then we were able to.

I can't even begin to describe the overwhelming feeling of disappointment that came to both Michelle and I as we made the drive with all of our stuff back to Syracuse. I found it rather strange that we had grown so connected to our new home in the short 6 months that we lived there but yesterday as I reflected back on the countless hours that were spent over the past year and a half by so many people building and brainstorming about that house I can see why it’s so hard to say good bye. (Those of you that have lived through this construction process with us will know what I’m talking about.)

As many of you know we spent every day of Michelle's pregnancy, plus a few more, out at the house in Kaysville sweeping, shoveling, hammering, lifting, sweating, and daydreaming. It was, and there's no other way to say it, our dream house inside and out. We put so much of ourselves into it that every time went there, even when there were just 2x4s and plywood, it felt like home. Also, to add insult to injury, the Old Mill Ward was full of the most wonderful people! Everyone there was so inviting and welcoming that we felt in the short time we were there that we had been there for years. It's always easier to move from a place where you didn't feel as welcomed then it is to move from a place that you felt like everyone could be a member of your family. So Michelle and I would like to say thank you to all of the people in the Old Mill Ward for everything that you did to help us feel welcome.

We would also like to say thank you to those of you that gave up time away from your homes and families to come and help us move all of our stuff. As you can tell the though alone of moving was hard enough. I can’t imagine how much worse it would have been without you all there. So thanks!

I know that many of you will think it’s weird that we feel so sad about moving but I wish for just a second that you could experience the overwhelming joy we felt the day we finally got our Certificate of Occupancy (approval to move in) from Kaysville City. That was the same day that Brock was born actually. The excitement must have put Michelle over the top! And I wish you could also experience the utter devastation we felt while driving away in the U-Haul with the precession of cars carrying our stuff. Both were life changing moments that helped us really appreciate everything that we have been given up this point in our lives. Even though we are sad to have to leave we feel so blessed because of the chance that we had to be there.

Thanks again to all of you that have helped in both moves and throughout the construction process. Without all of your blood, sweat, and tears there with ours we would have never made it this far! We love you all and you're more than welcome to come and visit us anytime back in Syracuse!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

I've been tagged!

Four places I visit over and over
1. My parents house
2. Trev's parents house
3. Logan, I love it there
4. Snake River Wyoming
(quite possibly my most favorite place on earth)
Four people who e-mail/text/call me regularly
1. Trevor(of course)
2. My sisters Tiffanie and Carrie
3. My parents
4. My cousin Ashley
Four favorite foods
1. Pasta! (mostly fettucini alfredo)
2. Ice cream MMMMM
3. Pizza
4. Avocados(used to hate em, now I LOVE them)
Four places I'd rather be
1. Snake River, Wyoming(like I said earlier I LOVE it there!)
2. Hawaii(never been plan to go very very soon!)
3. San Diego(I could live there on the beach!)
4. On a cruise(preferably the carribean)
Four movies I'd watch over and over
1. Just like heaven
2. How to lose a guy in 10 days
3. A walk to remember
4. Hitch
Four bands/groups I love to listen to
(This is kind of hard to choose, but here are the ones that sing some of my favs)
1. Leona Lewis
2. Dashboard Confessional
3. Chicago
4. Bryan Adams
Four people I'm tagging
1. Amy
2. Michelle
3. Marie
4. Kelli